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The 444 Marlin Ammo available

The 444 Marlin Ammo is a rifle cartridge designed in 1964 by Marlin Firearms and Remington Arms. Practically speaking, an open-sighted lever gun chambered for a traditional lever gun cartridge such as the 444 Ammo has a practical, open-sighted maximum hunting range of about 300 yards. The prototype of the .444 Ammo was presented to Remington who agreed to develop production ammunition.

The 444 Rifle Ammo holds four cartridges for a total capacity of 5 rounds. . Drawn straight, and with a rim cut into it, the cartridge was intended to put more punch into Marlin’s lever action line. When Marlin introduced the Marlin 444 Ammo chambering the new round in 1965, it was the most powerful lever action rifle on the market. Protected to use in cylindrical magazines, these shots include higher ballistic coefficients and convey significantly compliment direction for expanded down-range execution. The Marlin .444 Ammo which looks like a traditional big bore lever action weights 7.6 pounds and about 40 inches long.

444 Marlin Ammo for sale on our website today. With a high ballistic coefficient, flat trajectories, and downrange energy increases the 444 Marlin Ammunition is clearly the leading lever action rifle projectile on the market today. Pick up a box or two and see for yourself, the 444 ammo is the ammo your lever-action rifle has been waiting for. We have the 444 Marlin Ammo in stock.



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