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The 38 Special Ammo was invented in 1898 by Smith & Wesson to accompany their new revolver at the time. In no time the US military adopted the 38 Special Ammo as their official sidearm and quickly grew popular amongst civilians too. 38 Special Ammo Canada.

38 Special Ammo Canadian Tire

In addition, this device uses 38 Special Rounds and 38 Special Bullet. 38 spl

38 Special Cartridge is very popular worldwide and is the best and most sought after cartridge for self defense in modern day. The best advantage of this cartridge over the others is it can be divided to fit small revolvers and concealers. 38 Special P.

Can a 38 Special Ammo Be used in a 357 Magnum? Can I use 38 Special Ammo In my 357 ?

Yes a 38 Special Ammo can be used in a magnum 357 but a 357 ammo can not be used in a 38 Special Ammo. This is because they both have the diameter and are loaded with bullets but the magnum 357 has more powder and a longer case. 38 Special Ammo For Sale here at our shop Glock17Gen5 Ammo Shop for the best retail and bulk deals, legit and trusted sellers.

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