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The 22 win mag was introduced in 1959. The .22 win mag uses a larger case than the popular .22 long rifle  both in diameter and length. The most common modern 22 win mag rifle, using a 40-grain bullet the combination of of more powder and higher sustained pressure gives velocity of 1,875 feet per sec. 

Since the 22winmag uses bullets comparable in weight to .22 long rifle, but considerably faster, it shots faster and hits harder at all ranges (.22 mag)  The 22 win mag ammo is popular for hunting and plinking because of its light and recoil and high velocity. On paper, a 22 win mag with 40 grain 3 24 foot-pounds of energy 

What is a 22 win mag; The .22 Winchester Magnum Rimfire, also called .22 wmr, 22 magnum, 22 wmrf, 22.mrf, or 22 mag, 22 win mag, 22 win mag rifle, 22 winmag , wmr 22, .22 mag, 22mwr, is a rimfire cartridge. Is 22 win mag same as 22 magnum; What’s the difference between 22 wmr vs 22 mag? Nothing. They are the same cartridge. Different names for this thing. Is 22 win mag the same as 22 wmr, Yes they are all the same just different names for the same thing. Can you shoot 22 win mag in a .22lr rifle; The answer is NO you can’t the .22 wmr cartridge will not chamber in the .22lr rifle. That was one of the criteria for the .22 wmr 


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