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The round was introduced in Winchester Ammunition in 1960 to give a little variety of rimfire cartridges. On paper the .22 magnum ammo with a 40-grain bullet has s muzzle velocity of 1,910 feet-per-second and 324 foot-pounds of energy. When compared to .22LR, that’s a difference of about 600 fps and more than 170 ft-lbs. The .22 lr and .22 wmr ammo  are not interchangeable, we should get that out of the way immediately.

The .22 wmr ammo is popular for hunting and plinking because of it’s light recoil snd high velocity. The .22 mag ammo, its like a .22 LR with  a turbocharged engine. Its fast and makes a high-pitched pew sound. Traditionally, hornady 22 mag ammo has been for varmint and small game hunting rifles, but over time the gun makers have expanded how it’s used and turned it into pistol as well. Like a.22 LR, 60 gr 22 mag ammo you can stuff a lot of 22 magnum ammo into a single magazine or revolver cylinder, you can get the 22 mag ammo for sale.


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